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Tupac Coloring Book By The Artist Behind The Makaveli Album Cover

The artist behind the classic Tupac album, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, is releasing a Tupac Coloring Book. Riskie will release Tupac: The Coloring book on Tupac’s birthday June 16.

Riskie started working at Death Row Records in early 1996, contributing to some of the most iconic album’s in Hip-Hop history. One of those albums was Tupac’s All Eyez On Me where Riskie would contribute to the album cover insert.

23 years later on Tupac’s 48th birthday, Riskie will contribute once again. The Tupac coloring book will be released via Riskie official web site riskieforever.com. Previously Riskie had also released the Unauthorized Death Row Records Coloring Book which also can be found on his official site.

In an interview with O4L Online Network, Riskie described the feeling of his Death Row days as “unreal”. ” It was an unreal feeling. One minute I’m at home watching Death Row Records videos on BET Network. The next minute I’m walking through it’s office doors as a paid employee. My paintings have been a big representation of a lot of very major and historic album covers that will live on past my years. Being at Death Row also gave me the opportunity to work with and meet some iconic entertainers. My feelings today are blessed I got the growth and experience,” says Riskie.

Interview with O4L Online Network
tupac coloring book cover

The collage of artwork that will be in the Tupac: The Coloring Book, was once suppose to be album artwork. Riskie explains via a caption on his Instagram, “This collage of artwork actually started off as album artwork. It was never purchased so I decided to add it to my coloring book I’m dropping this weekend. What it represents is how times have changed and how I never thought things would end up. Stranded on Death Row we lost a lot of good people to different situations as time went by and there wasn’t any social media to tell our tales.”


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