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Tupac Bulletproof Vest Was Taken Off Before Leaving For Club 662

Kenya Ware, Daz Dillinger’s baby’s mother, has recently interviewed with YouTube channel The Art Of Dialogue in which she details the night of September 7th 1996 in Las Vegas. She reveals that at one point on that fateful night, Tupac was wearing in fact wearing a bulletproof vest.

Snoop and Daz Dillinger didn’t travel to Vegas due to an argument with ‘Pac. Kenya stayed out of any arguments and traveled to party at Club 662 in Vegas.

She was told by Suge that she couldn’t get any tickets and would make it up to her. On the night of the fight, Kenya and her friends hung out in the lobby of the Luxor Hotel. They waited for the Death Row entourage to come back from the MGM.

As the entourage arrived back at the Luxor, Tupac was in the parking lot area fiddling with his chain. His Euphanasia Medallion that he was wearing had broken during the fight with Orlando Anderson at the MGM.

Tupac Bulletproof

Tupac takes off his bulletproof vest

It was at this point while talking to Tupac she noticed ‘Pac wearing a bulletproof vest under his shirt. Tupac went upstairs in the hotel to change into his green vest. One of the first things that Kenya noticed was ‘Pac now wasn’t wearing his bulletproof vest.

The Art Of Dialogue probed Kenya about the moment she noticed Tupac without his bulletproof vest. She asked Tupac about it and the answer she got off him was eerie, knowing what happened next. Pressed about not wearing the bulletproof, Tupac responded saying “I don’t have to wear it now at this moment.”

Traveling in the same car as Nate Dogg’s girlfriend, they got to Club 662 and the security on the door was strict. After arguing with security, a member of the Death Row entourage gave the nod to let Kenya in. As soon as Kenya stepped into the club, all of the security rushed out and into their cars.

Wondering what was going on, Kenya followed security, which took them back to the Vegas strip. Immediately she saw the BMW that Tupac and Suge had been traveling in, cornered off with yellow tape.

Aftermath of the shooting

While at the scene, Kenya heard all types of threats and insults made to the Death Row entourage. Hearing the insults, a phone call made to Nate Dogg, ended up with everyone meeting back at the Luxor. After clearing their hotel rooms, their aim was to get out of Vegas, with Nate leading the way.

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Kenya made a phone call to friend and Suge’s wife, Sharitha Knight. Worrying if her three-year-old daughter was in the car, Sharitha panicked. Luckily at the time her daughter was with her Godmother.

Kenya flew back to Vegas the next day with Snoop Dogg’s Mother and Aunt, being met at the airport by Kidada Jones. She explains that outside the hospital there were people holding a vigil for Tupac, praying that he’d pull through.

Tupac Bulletproof
Media, friends & fans gather outside UMC Las Vegas

The Art Of Dialogue asked Kenya about the energy ‘Pac gave off after the fight at the MGM. Kenya summed Tupac’s energy up in one word, a quiet storm!

“It was quiet, it wasn’t hype it was different. It was kinda like he’s fiddling with the chain but he’s thinking and thinking. What happened? What was we fighting for? A lot of things probably going through his head.”


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