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Tupac Bullet Movie Released 22 Years Ago

You Only Get One Shot At Revenge

Bullet was released on October 1st 1996, short of a month after Tupac’s Murder.

Tupac starred in this crime thriller alongside good friend Mickey Rourke. The film features one of Pac’s most over-the-top performances in his filmography. He plays Tank, a Brooklyn drug kingpin who seeks revenge against Bullet after loyalties are betrayed amid a turf war.

Julien Temple directed the movie. Joining Mickey Rourke and Tupac Shakur in the movie was John Enos III, Ted Levine, Adrien Brody and Donnie Wahlberg. The Screenplay was written by Rourke and Bruce Rubenstein.

Mickey Rourke was also the music supervisor of the film. It had limited distribution in theaters in US and was shot in New York with a significant portion in Brooklyn.

Both Tupac and Mickey Rourke got on great off-screen but they were cast as bitter rivals. Rourke plays the protagonist, Butch ‘Bullet’ Stein, who’s a Jewish thug fresh out of jail. It doesn’t take him long to hit the streets again and encounter Tank.

Mickey Rourke calls Tupac the greatest rapper of all time

Tupac’s character, Tank, a fellow thug who had his left eye taken out by Bullet a few months earlier, has a few confrontations with Bullet throughout the movie, but they both have a certain respect for each other.

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Although he didn’t have a lot of screen time, Tupac reveled in the role of Tank. Speaking on the set of ‘Bullet’ Tupac gives his insight on his role;

“The movie is like a big chess game between me and Mickey Rourke. Even though he’s white and I’m black it’s not about colour, it’s not like it’s a race war, it’s power. I respect Bullet to the upmost, under different circumstances I’d probably would of been allied with him. But he disrespected me first, so I got to handle it”

In recent months in the O4L Online exclusive series ‘Heart Of An Outlaw’ we have discovered how deep Tupac actually was in almost everything he did or said. When asked about what the movie shows, Tupac draws a conclusion that was maybe playing out in his off-screen life, with the legal battles and the media portraying him a certain way.

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“Through these different characters, how if your not dark inside and you come to this world, it will turn you dark. If you really have sunshine in you it’s not good to play in the dark, it will extinguish your fire”


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