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Tupac BMW For Sale By Dealer Strip

Infamous Tupac BMW From The Vegas Night Up For Sale

The BMW Tupac and Suge Knight were riding in on September 7, 1996 is up for sale. The BMW 7-series has been restored to exactly as it was before the shooting.

On that night the BMW was driven by Death Row records owner Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, while Tupac was in the front passenger seat. The pair were sitting on a red light on East Flamingo and Koval Lane on the Vegas strip. With their entourage behind them, a car pulled up alongside them and shot into the BMW. The result of the shooting was that Tupac left fighting for his life. 6 six days later and the rest is history.

Listed at 1.5 million dollars, the BMW is being sold by Dealer Strip. Deal Strip is renowned buying and selling experience with millions of vehicles for sale and thousands of dealers nationwide. Dealer Strip allows consumers to register for free; list their trade or create a wanted ad. Also giving the opportunity to register an accoutn as a dealer and have access to both unlimited retail and wholesale listings.

Just over a year ago the BMW was featured on the hit TV series Pawn Stars. The episode was titled Rings and Rap Kings and would mark their the 500 episode. Pawn Stars knowing the significance of the car, described Tupac as ‘The Jimmi Hendrix of Hip-Hop’ and labeled the car as a ‘unique piece’.

Many theories have surfaced since the night of the shooting. Including that Suge Knight having Tupac shot in Vegas. A rumor that many find ridiculous given the fact that Suge Knight was in the car with Tupac and would put his own life on the line if that was the case.

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In 2017 Fox’s special Who Shot Biggie & Tupac, recreating the Vegas incident would help to disprove this theory. Matt Noedel and Chris Hirt conducted two experiments as they recreated the shooting in vegas.

Regardless of the theories, who will own a piece of history and for 1.5 million dollars? Visit dealstrip.com for more info.


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