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Tupac Biopic Was Suppose To Have Nipsey Hussle Play Snoop Dogg

Can you image Nipsey Hussle playing Snoop Dogg in the Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me? According to director Benny Boom, Nipsey Hussle was their number one choose to play the role of Snoop Dogg.

In an interview with Toofab, Benny Boom revealed for the first time his intentions to have Nipsey Hussle play Snoop Dogg in the Tupac biopic.

“We wanted him to play Snoop Dogg in ‘All Eyez On Me‘. We didn’t have any other person that we wanted to play him,” says Benny Boom referring to Nipsey Hussle.

When approached by Benny Boom and LT Hutton, Nipsey Hussle’s current schedule wouldn’t allow this to become a reality. “He was working on the music, he was touring. There was just a lot going on,” explains Benny Boom.

It has been well documented since Nipsey Hussle passing, Nipsey was heavily involved in his community. This would be another obstacle in the way of Nipsey Hussle playing Snoop Dogg in ‘All Eyez On Me’.

“It’s crazy because I didn’t realize, as much as I knew Nipsey. I didn’t realize how much he was driving things in his community,” said Benny Boom. “And to take him out of LA for that amount of time that we needed to come to Atlanta where we shot, would’ve just threw him off his square a little bit. Just the timing didn’t work out.”

Nipsey Key Role In ‘ All American ‘

In related news, Benny Boom also reveals a role in CWs ‘ All American ‘ , that was meant for Nipsey. Instead Demetrius Shipp Jr., who played Tupac in ‘ All Eyez On Me ‘ took on the role after being introduced to directors by Benny Boom.

Nipsey Hussle was suppose to play a key role in the show. Due to his passing this did not happen, but Benny explains that from what he is hearing, writers are set to include real life storyline about Nipsey in the new season.


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