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Tupac Biopic Songs For A Soundtrack That Was Never Released

Unfortunately for the 2017 Tupac ‘All Eyez On Me’ biopic by director Benny Boom never reached its full potential or hype. With many hurdles to overcome and legal issues that halted the movie, the soundtrack was never released.

The soundtrack was slated to have the usual popular Tupac songs used in the movie such as ‘Hail Mary‘ and ‘Keep Ya Head Up’, but was also going to featured various artist inspired by the Hip Hop icon.

Songs For Tupac Biopic Soundtrack That Was Never Released

One of the songs which had a shot at making the soundtrack was ‘Middle Fingers Up’ by Trigga Trife, Munch Ali, and Roll Sumthin’. Appearing on the Heart of an Outlaw show, Jersey native Roll Sumthin’ spoke about how the song initially came about and it was considered for the Tupac ‘All Eyez On Me’ biopic.

Young Noble was responsible for giving the opportunity to his fellow Jersey comrades with the hopes of created a song to be selected for the biopic. “My big homies grew up with certain members of the Outlawz,” Roll Sumthin’ explained. “We have a good relationship with Noble and at the time the movie was about to come out and we were approached with possibly getting put on the soundtrack for the movie.”

Another song slated for the soundtrack and was actually plated during the last scene of the biopic was record titled ’96’. The song is heard during the scene where Demitrius Shipp Jr (Tupac) and Dominic Santana (Suge Knight) head to club 662. At this point Tupac (Demitrius Shipp Jr) plays a song which has EDI rapping, “O-U-T-L-A-W-Z yeah we running the streets from the west to the east.”

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The song was never intended for a single release, but due to the high demand, producert L.T. Hutton gave the Outlawz the green light. “The demand for this song has been real. We never planned on droppin it as a single. Literally was just for @alleyezmovie. Originally the scene it plays in had another song in it, Initiated. We wanted to honor Hussine Fatal and his verse was playing. But legal issues prevented it,” E.D.I said.

96 features E.D.I. Mean and Young Noble the last active Outlawz.


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