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Stay True and Keep Ya Head Up because After every dark night there’s a brighter day!

In doing the Tupac Art Inspiration series, we have talked to some of the most talented artists from across the globe, who are in someway, inspired and driven by Tupac.

afeni tupac art
tupac.memo’s dedication to Tupac & his Mother, Afeni Shakur, who passed away in 2016

We recently spoke to Neftalem, who started drawing at aged just five, learning from his older sister. He has, since then, moved into Digital Art and goes by the name Tupac.memo (which is short for Tupac memory). The art that he has produced has been shared all over the world. O4L Online spoke with him about his art, Tupac and the relevance of ‘Pac’s lyrics in today’s society.


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tupac art
“I smoke a blunt to take the pain out” Artwork done by Neftalem

O4L Online: Let’s start by saying your artwork is amazing. What inspires you to keep creating such great work?

The support and good feedback. The community motivates me to keep creating and work harder!

2pac rose
The Rose that grew from concrete

O4L Online: Your digital artwork is immense! Can you tell us how you come up with such great pieces of art, the process you go through from beginning to the finished result?

I choose a photograph of Tupac then start the outline, move onto the colors and then remove the pic and it’s done. I do add some extras too, if needed.

hip hop art
Some of the other Hip Hop legends done by tupac.memo

O4L Online: Your artwork is heavily based on the late, great rapper, Tupac Shakur. What is it about ‘Pac that drives you to dedicate your artwork to him?

He‘s my idol! In my eyes he is the rap god. I try to give him the honor back what deserves in 2018. That’s why i draw ‘Pac to help keep his legacy alive.

tupac chi modu
Neftalem’s take on Chi Modu’s famous photograph from the May 1994 shoot.

More about Chi Modu’s ’94 shoot with Tupac

O4L Online: You have a large following on your social media. What has the reaction been of artwork from your fans?

It’s been amazing! I have had so much support that I never seem to have gotten before with regular pictures of Tupac.

Artwork by tupac.memo
Artwork by tupac.memo

O4L Online: We believe that Tupac’s message is being heard all across the globe, not only through his own work but through the works of artists such as yourself. Every piece of your art tells another part of ‘Pac’s story. What do think of Tupac’s legacy and how his message is still relevant today?

Thank you. I definitely think Tupac’s message is relevant today in 2018, maybe even more than back when he was alive. The reason being because what ‘Pac said was not only for his present day but for the future and for the next generation, do you know what im saying? But a lot of people can’t come to truth with the ideology of Pac’s personality and that’s why they speak bad of him.

tupac art
Neftalem wanted to get across to his audience that ‘Pac had a real deep side to him.

O4L Online: Now we can’t let you go before we ask you what your favourite Tupac song’s are and why?

Wow, that is probably the hardest question that anyone could ask! I haven’t got one favorite because all of Tupac’s 700 plus songs are amazing and got so much meaning behind them so if I was to choose, I would choose all of them!

2pac art
‘Long live the rose that grew from concrete’

O4L Online: Is there any message you would like to give to your fans and fans of Tupac who follow your work?

Stay True and Keep Ya Head Up because After every dark night there’s a brighter day!

O4L Online: We love your Tupac references there! Thank you for talking to O4L Online we wish you all the very best for the future in your craft. Keep the great artwork coming!

Thank you so much.

Follow Neftalem on Instagram by the name of tupac.memo


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