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Tupac Art Inspiration – Mokrane Houssam

Tupac is my favorite artist because I feel like every song is dealing with my situation he is the real Greatest of all time, he is a legend

In our exclusive series, Tupac Art Inspiration, we have brought you some of the best Tupac artwork that has been done by some extremely talented artists. We have also heard some incredible Tupac art inspiration stories that have been the base of this awesome artwork.

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In this edition of Tupac Art Inspiration, we talk to 26-year-old Algerian graphic designer Mokrane Houssam about his artwork, Tupac artwork and the legacy of the legendary rapper.

O4L Online: Mokrane can you share your story of how you got into graphic design and what inspired you to do so?

I don’t have a specific story in this I just love art and graphics I love pop culture and rap Industry,specifically the old school. Inspiration is everywhere so you just need to open your eyes and breathe it in and I’m trying to put my ideas in a creative way into a graphic message.

2pac biggie art
Two of the Greatest to ever of done it!

O4L Online: Looking at your work we can see that you are very talented. Another thing we noticed is that you must be a fan of hip-hop because you have done quite a lot of work on hip-hop artists. Who is your favorite artist and why?

Tupac is my favorite artist because I feel like every song is dealing with my situation and he is the real Greatest of all time, he is a legend.

2pac art
The iconic Tupac Shakur by Mokrane Houssam

O4L Online: The Tupac artwork that you have done is unbelievable! What has the reaction been to the ‘Pac artwork that you have done?

Thanks for the compliment! The reaction for my Tupac artwork has been really positive & people think it’s lit.

Tupac Artwork
The King Card by Mokrane Houssam

O4L Online: Tupac is considered by many to be the greatest of all time. Do you have a favorite song by ‘Pac that has maybe inspired you or your work?

I have a list of favorites!
All Eyez on Me
Lil’ Homies
Soon As I Get Home
Hit em’ up
Ambitionz Az a Ridah.

tupac art

O4L Online: We like your choices! With the O4L Online exclusive series Tupac Art Inspiration, we believe that in sharing the great artwork of Tupac done by talented artists such as yourself that it helps keep the legacy of Tupac alive and strong because more of the younger generation will see the legendary rapper. So if you could describe ‘Pac in just a few words to somebody who had never heard his music, what would you say?

Tupac Shakur is one of the all-time greats, actor, poet, and rap legend. Pac’s power wasn’t just being a good rapper. The reason why people admire and label him the greatest is because of his poetry, his acting. He did all those artistic things so well, may he rest in peace.

2pac art

O4L Online: You have done work for Algerian rapper Soolking. Can you tell us about this and what he said about your artwork?

Soolking is the best rapper in Algeria. I mean he did it and did it very well he got his inspiration from one piece specifically the caractère Brook so I took advantage of that and I made him the Wanted series and because of that he was like “Damn this is lit thanks brother you are so dope”.

mokrane art
Soolking with Mokrane’s artwork

O4L Online: That’s awesome! Do you have any future plans that you might want to fans of your work know about?

I prefer to let it be a surprise!

snoop art
Snoop Dogg by Mokrane

O4L Online: We will keep a keen eye out for future projects by you. Mokrane thank you for talking to O4L Online we wish you all the best for the future.

Thank you and big thanks to all the O4L team, it’s been a pleasure.

Check out more awesome artwork by Mokrane on his Instagram


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