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Tupac Art Inspiration – Donpaydro

Art has always been thought of as an expression of emotion and passion, just like music, the artist putting his or her emotion and feeling onto the canvas in front of them. So when we came across the work of an all round craftsman from Kansas, we quickly saw that his passion for a certain music legend was for all to see.

tupac art
Artist Donpaydro with his Tupac painting

O4L Online: Donpaydro, welcome and thank you for talking to us. You have a large social media following and seem like quite an interesting person, can you tell us some more about yourself and your passion for painting?

I am a 27 year old artist/barber/tattooist residing in Wichita, Kansas. I have always been fascinated by art and the inexplicable satisfaction of bringing an art-piece to life.

O4L Online: We understand you are also a tattooist and a hairdresser, an all round talented guy! I guess in a way painting and tattooing go hand in hand, by in which they are both creative and inspiring. What pushed you in the direction of being creative?

I decided to go to barber school at the age of 19. The craft really helped develop my attention to detail. My love for art was often combined with my craft as a barber when I would make intricate designs using hair as my canvas.

adele drawing
Working on his art, drawing singer Adele

My love for art eventually compelled me to pursue a career in tattooing and creating artwork. I have had nothing but great feedback from my art.

Donpaydro’s charcoal drawing of Albert Einstein

O4L Online: Tupac has been gone almost as long as he lived, but his message is still relevant to this very day. Was you inspired by Tupac? If so, how?

I feel like it’s hard for him not to inspire people. He was a go-getter and accomplished anything he set his mind to.

O4L Online: Do you have any future plans for your work?

I wish to travel the world and create beautiful pieces of art.

O4L Online: We wish you all the best in the future

More of Donpaydro’s artwork on his Instagram

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