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Tupac And Left Eye Both Told T-Boz They Will Die Young [Video]

In an interview with GeHolla.com. When the conservation about Left Eye came up, T-Boz had an interesting story to tell. Not only did Left Eye feel she would die at an early age, but T-Boz stated that Tupac also felt the same way.

Tupac would tell T-Boz that he knew he would die young that’s why he would go to the studio every night no matter how tired he was. That its his fate but he would live on forever. T-Boz also mentions the fact that she wish she could have told her friend, Tupac, I love you. Something that she doesn’t take for granted now.

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T-boz also hopes that others can learn and be inspired by her story. “I was hoping that throughout my story, that somebody can get something out of my book. No matter what age you are, walk of life. Cause I cover so many different stories,” says T-Boz.

Left Eye and 2pac had a genuine friendship and have appeared on a few songs together. Left Eye appeared on Tupac’s Until The End Of Time Double Album on the song Let Em Have It (Remix) while Tupac was featured in Left Eye’s Supernova on the song Untouchable.


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