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Tupac Alive? 5 Theories That Had The Internet Going Crazy!

23 plus years and still there has been many conspiracies surrounding Tupac’s death. The debate still remains a hot topic. Leaving many wondering whether or not Tupac alive is a real possibility.

Some of the theories are comical, while others still make you think till this day. Not to mention the clues that Tupac left in his music and music videos.

We take a look at the top 5 theories that had the internet going crazy!

#5 Tupac Alive Spotted In New Orleans

As reported by TMZ, a man appearing to be Tupac was spotted in New Orleans. The 2009 photos were from a bar on Bourbon Street, where “Tupac” is seen having a few drinks.

Tupac alive in New Orleans

The individual in the photo even has TMZ host Harvey Levin believing. “I gotta say this looks like Tupac Shakur,” says Harvey.

Uploaded by YouTube user evilascap2, video by TMZ

Although no front views of the individual, the side photo views were quite convincing at the time, and had the internet going crazy. Regardless of why Tupac would be out and about in a bar in New Orleans, fans will always continue to wonder.

#4 Thug Life 2013 Music Video

EDI Mean, better know these days as EdiDon, released his mixtape ‘O.G. EST. 1992‘. The mixtape wasted no time in delivering a classic, with Thug Life 2013 kicking off the tape. To along with the success of the single, was a controversial music video which was exclusively dropped via the O4L Online Network, originally o-4-l.com (site no longer works).

Tupac alive theorist were quick to point a possible cameo of Tupac in the video. At the 2:44 mark, theorists suggest that Tupac can be seen hidden in the shadows.

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YouTube user javier23, breaks down the alive theory, as he turns up the brightness and contrast to get a better visual of someone possibly Tupac Shakur.

Photos of Tupac are used by YouTube user javier23 to compare the still shots of the individual standing behind EDI. The comparison is haunting, but you be the judge.

#3 Suge Knight “If he really died”

In 2017 Fox along with Ice T and Soledad O’ Brien explored the unsolved murders of Tupac and Biggie. The two hour special had various interviews with the likes of Lil Cease, EDI Mean, Funk Master Flex and more.

One particular interview had the world buzzing again. As Ice-T and Soledad conducted a over the phone prison interview with Suge Knight. Giving us all a chilling statement when responding to if Pac is alive, Knight stated, “With pac you never know.”

#2 Chuck D’s 18 Reasons Tupac Alive

One of the most infamous pieces to the Tupac alive theory phenomenon, comes from Public Enemy’s member Chuck D. This moment could easily top the number one spot because of the impact it had.

In 1996 Chuck D would give the world his 18 reasons why Tupac is alive. Chuck D would do so through Davey D’s web site. Davey D’s post is just as important as the reasons, because when viewing it now, it brings back memories and chills to many.

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Three weeks after September 13, Chuck D toke back what he had said. Chuck D backtracked after being convinced when going back to South Central and speaking to those with knowledge of the situation.

View Davey D’s original post about Chuck D’s 18 reasons

#1 Better Dayz

Throughout the years before and after Tupac’s passing, ‘Pac has always dropped “clues” that many theorists believe proves Tupac faked his death. From his unreleased material, to the Makaveli album, and his music videos, alive theorists have enough to create a whole docuseries.

This was true once again when it came to Tupac’s ‘Better Dayz‘ album released in 2002. The digital version of the album, has the last song listed and titled as ‘Outro’ for disc 2. That wasn’t the case for physical copy of the album.

Tupac Better Dayz back cover

As seen in the photo above, the outro was not listed and was considered a “hidden track”. Tupac can be heard closing out the album with:

Expect me n**** like you expect Jesus to come back
Expect me n****! I’m comin’!
Expect me n**** like you expect Jesus to come back
Expect me n****! I’m comin’!


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