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Tupac Aimed For Lil Kim Too! But Settled For Faith Evans

Tupac’s Settles For Faith Evans, Passing On Lil Kim!

The Art Of Dialogue has released yet another part of his exclusive interview with Desiree Smith. Desiree, ex-girlfriend of Tupac Shakur, has made plenty of shocking claims during her interview. From claiming that Tupac married Keisha Morris for all the wrong reasons. Not to take away from Keisha, but Desiree felt at the time Tupac was not ready for marriage. A marriage that seemed to exist in part of Tupac’s wanting conjugal visits.

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Desiree Smith would also detail many important events that led to Tupac’s shooting in 1994. Events that included Tupac meeting Ayanna Jackson all the way till when the accused rape incident took place. Tupac’s mistake was leaving Ayanna in the hotel explains Desiree, “He should of took her and escorted her out, that’s what he was guilty of, leaving her in that room. Tupac should of took her and made sure she left because he was done with whatever he was doing with her. Whatever transpired when them doors closed, I don’t know what happened. Something could of happened, but he wasn’t the one doing it.”

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Smith also spoke about Tupac’s inner circle and those that were around him. Close ones like Big Stretch. Desiree gave her reasons why she did not trust Stretch. Even recalling the time when Tupac was in prison and Stretch made a move on her. More on Tupac, Stretch and Quad Studio shooting is talked about here.

Tupac’s Revenge Plot

In the latest installment of the interview, Desiree talks about Tupac’s revenge plot as he awaits his release from prison in 1995. Desiree goes on to explain part of the plot was Tupac having sex with “Biggie’s girls”. Faith Evans and Lil Kim was on Tupac’s radar, but Desiree quickly advised Tupac to aim for Faith Evans. Figuring Faith would more vulnerable and easier given the fact that Biggie had cheated on her. Lil Kim on the hand according to Desiree, was more of a ridah for Biggie.

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It didn’t take long for Tupac to accomplish his mission. Desiree recalls the phone call she received from Tupac explaining he had sex with Faith and recorded music with her as well. This is a must listen and also confirms, according to Desiree, that Tupac indeed had sex with Faith Evans.

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