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Troy Ave Streets Is A Myth, Court, 6ix9ine, Loyalty

“Like Pac Said Trust Nobody”

Troy Ave appeared on The Breakfast Club and discussed how he realized the Streets Is A Myth, “I started realizing it probably like my second month sitting in jail. When I see that people wasn’t reacting how I would react. Like so called friends and homies. They wasn’t doing what I would do for them.”

Troy Ave goes further on his Street Is A Myth philosophy, comparing rap to WWE. “This whole rap is like WWE. If you’re an Olympic wrestling and I’m like nah I’m a real Olympic. This is how we do it for real. We give people head locks and all that type of stuff and we fight rough. Then all the other wrestlers are like yo dawg you too rough. I’m Hulk Hogan and you bugging. Or I’m, whoever, The Rock and you bugging. John Cena, Ric Flair. They all not wrestling for real and they gonan box you out. Like yo yeah you know what let him go back to the Olympics fighting.”

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Troy Ave also addresses court situation, loyalty, Tekashi 6ix9in3, being blacked ball from the industry, and what’s next. Watch the full interview below.


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