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Trey Songz Told 50 Cent Not To Remix The Series Theme For Power

50 Cent latest interview on The Breakfast Club breaks down how the Power series theme remix came about. Also revelas that Trey Songz wasn’t a fan of doing a remix the theme for Power.

The interview aired two days after Season 6 Episode 3 aired. An episode in which 50 Cent himself produced. Episode 3 titled “Forgot About Dre”, we watch how Dre remains in federal custody; Jason instructs Tommy and Ghost to kidnap Alicia Jiminez. Plus Tommy teaches LaKeisha the drug game and Tariq’s business begins to flourish, as Tasha has a business plan of her own.

When explaining why he decided to do the remix for Power, 50 had this to say, “They bossed me around a little bit on the remix. I did a remix because it was six years. I thought it was time to freshen it up and they was like nah, put that back.”


The remix 50 Cent speaks of is one he dropped back in July and features Trey Songz and A Boggie Wit Da Hoodie. Titled “Big Rich Town“, is not a favorite of Starz executives. “I was making it more now. Trey Songz, A Boogie, nam saying and they want the old version back,” explains 50.

50 Cent and Try Songz performing live

Trey Songz wasn’t a fan of the remix either says 50 Cent, “I came into the studio I was like yo, I need to do a remix. I want to like redo the song. He was like “what??”. Like he was really like why you want to do that. I was like nah but listen to the joint and I played it for him. I already.. A Boogie already did his part and I had already laid the you know, the, It just like a filler. The old chorus was playing in the filler spot and he was like “okay yeah”.”

Trey’s first instinct about remixing the Power theme song was dead on as he would text 50 right away after feeling the hear from Starz. “I got a text right away. I told your ass. Told you not to do that and I was like yo you right,” laughs 50.

50 Cent explains why he decided to do the Power series theme remix


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