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Trae The Truth Autobiography, Play & Docuseries Coming Soon

Trae The Truth autobiography is in the works as he sits down with Real 92.3 LA to discuss how it came about. Trae who released a new album titled ‘Exhale‘ late August 2019, has a story to tell. From his activist work in Houston, to his legal battles for his daughter, losing Nipsey Hussle and more.

Je’caryous Johnson will take on the up coming projects showcasing the life of Trae The Truth. Johnson has directed various projects such as Redemption Of A Dogg, Married But Single Too and Two Can Play That Game.

First a Trae The Truth Autobiography then a play?
Set It Off Play (2018)

According to Trae, Johnson has started working on his book. “Je’Car he did the Snoop Dogg play. Did the Set It Off play, um he got other plays. He ended up reaching out to me and he’s doing, they doing a book on me now. So a book is coming. Everybody want the movie to come, but me and him talk, I’m just one of them people I just didn’t care for eveybody to just get in on my life,” explains Trae The Truth.

Trae The Truth autobiography would then lead into a docuseries and of course a play by Johnson. “He want me to do the book, which he got a feeling it’s going to lead into a movie or docuseries and of course he gon wanna do a play off of it,” says Trae.

The full interview can be seen below where Trae also talks about his relationship with Nipsey Hussle, custody battle for his daughter and if he would ever run for office.


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