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Tory Lanez Spotted Partying In NJ By Rapper Casanova! Full Video

The Tory Lanez saga continues. This time in New Jersey, as the artist is seen partying Friday night (October 2) recorded by Casanova.

Since his ‘DAYSTAR’ release, Lanez has received heavy backlash within the Hip Hop community. Part of that backlash had Lanez and Rick Ross in a brief social media exchange. (Watch: Rick Ross Clowns And Exposes Tory Lanez Again!) Ross questioned Lanez album release a day after the Breonna Taylor ruling which the cops who shot and killed Taylor were not charged.

“Poor decisions is putting together an album and trying to profit off some (ishh) that people like myself was wishing to hear you address this (ishh) and move on. Not get a wax on or a wack album that’s ain’t gonna get you no money, nor no new supporters. So lil boy, boss up.”

Tory Lanez Spotted Partying In NJ By Rapper Casanova! Full Video
Casanova (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for JRose Agency)

Megan Thee Stallion on the hand has continued on with her successful 2020 which includes hit featured singles with Cardi B and Beyoncé, a new single ‘Don’t Stop‘ with Young Thug, and an appearance on SNL with Chris Rock.

Lanez seems to be moving on as well and is all smiles as seen in the exclusive recoding by Brooklyn rapper Casanova. Posting on his Instagram Story, Casanova’s Friday night consisted of partying with many in attendance in Jersey.

Surprisingly in attendance was Tory Lanez who at first was a bit tensed until realizing it was Casanova. “Oh sh-t, oh sh-t. Oh, he outside,” Casanova says. “What the (heck) are you doin’ out here? What’s goin’ on?” Struggling his shoulders and smiling, Lanez responds by saying, “I don’t know.”

A year ago, Casanova featured Tory Lanez and Davido on the song 2 A.M.


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