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Tory Lanez Live IG Is Blocked And Why It Might Not Come Back

The hottest show on Instagram “Quarantine Radio” has been taken down Tory Lanez Live IG account is blocked to protect the IG community.

You may ask yourself would prompted the #freetory campaign, well after being “locked out” from his own show, Tory Lanez now feels like a prisoner during these times.

EVERYBODY HASHTAG #FreeTory SO I CAN GET OUT OF HERE MAN !!!! lmao Instagram stop hating . We can be friends man!

Tory Lanez Live IG Is Blocked And Why It Might Not Come Back

After breaking the record for most viewed IG live video ever last week (March 31), Tory Lanez might not ever be allowed to air “Quarantine Radio”. The historic record breaking live session, was viewed by celebrities such as Drake, Chris Brown, and French Montana.

Attempting to continue his weekly show, Tory Lanez instead was hit with a message from the app. “Based on previous use use of this feature, your account has been temporarily blocked from taking this action.”

Tory Lanez sharing a screenshot of the mesasage, captioned the IG post with, “THEY DIDN’T WANT ME TO WIN”.

To make matters worst, the message indicates that the account was blocked because of “certain content”. Instagram also indicate that the block is “protect our community”, which could mean the end of Quarantine Radio.

Unless, Tory Lanez changes the content of the show, regardless of the block expiring on April 14, Instagram may block it again, but this time permanently.

Instagram isn’t easily fooled, as Tory Lanez would find out. After being blocked on his official Instagram account, Lanez created another IG account specifically for Quarantine Radio, only to be blocked on that account as well.

I made a whole brand new page n***as ain’t never heard of … I just got to 100,000, Instagram shut me off,” said Lanez in a follow up Instagram video post.

Only time will tell if Instagram will allow Tory Lanez IG Live to another day, allowing him to conduct his weekly Quarantine Radio show.


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