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Tory Lanez Interview Talks Lil Wayne, 6ix9ine, Joyner Lucas

“These N***** not getting plaques, they just got plaques on their teeth”

Tory Lanez interview in which he appeared on Timwestwood Tv on Monday December 3rd where he spoke about his success. Lanez crediting the fact that he believes in himself, “I genuinely just believe in myself a lot too. Like you know and I wanna keep on preaching that. That’s something um, super like on nowadays is preaching to tell people at the end of the day believe in yourself.”

When speaking of 6ix9ine, Tory Lanez sees him as a good kid with a good heart, “Every time I always seen him everything he uh, every time I’ve seen him hes always joking around.”

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Tory Lanez being homeless to the hottest artists, new spanish album, loving his label and putting out tons of music. Watch the Tory Lanez interview with Timwestwood Tv below.


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