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Toosii’s Releases New Project “Poetic Pain” And “Sinners Prayer” Single

North Carolina native Toosii via South Coast Music Group released his latest project “Poetic Pain”, the follow up to Platinum Heart — his number one album on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.

Poetic Pain further reveals the 20-year-old’s gift for matching introspective lyrics with unforgettable hooks. Songs like lead single “Sinners Prayer” are hard-hitting, filled with gritty details, yet also uplifting, celebrating Toosii’s hard-won triumphs.

“Poetic Pain. My pain is a work of art. It’s equivalent to poetry, says Toosii. “It’s a beautiful thing and it describes me.” The self-driven and strong-minded artist, had been dropping singles leading up to his new project. Joan Pabon’s produced ‘Right Now‘ single and ‘Love Cycle‘ featuring Summer Walker.

Toosii's Releases New Project "Poetic Pain" And "Sinners Prayer" Single

Since signing with South Coast Music Group (the label that catalyzed DaBaby’s rise as one of music’s biggest new stars in recent years), Toosii has won acclaim for his melodic flow and autobiographical storytelling, endlessly demonstrating his willingness to pour unguarded emotion into each song.

Yeah, I care what’s your name, they want me to say it
All I been doing is praying
Load up the cutter and I got to the spraying
Do it again if a n—- start playing
What’s all that s— that he saying?
The last n—- want the last n—- back
They think I’m p—- ’cause I sing a lil’ bit, b—-, I’m dangerous
Ain’t never had a shootout with Tydre but b—-, I’m banging
Ain’t never had a shootout with J Blyckk, I know he banging
They know Amp my right-hand man, he say the word, I get to spraying
My chain, it clang when I’m aiming
Got fire-star bangers
Her p—- so good, said b—-, you might just be an angel
Get to dropping, let off shots, he get shot, hе an angel
We get to dropping, lеt off shots, he got shot from all angles – Toosii on the hook for Sinners Prayer. Lyrics via Genius.

Track Listing – Poetic Pain

  1. Sinners Prayer 
  2. Walking Again
  3. Floating
  4. Right Now 
  5. Euphoria
  6. Sapiosexual
  7. Friend Zone
  8. Blitz
  9. Nightmares Ft. Lil Durk
  10. PSALM 51
  11. Don’t Tell
  12. Calls
  13. Poetic Pain
  14. Love Cycle with Summer Walker
  15. No Lies
  16. Telly Telly
  17. Witchcraft


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