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Too Short Compares Tupac To Pimp C

Too Short recently spoke to VladTv about his friendship with Tupac. He spoke about Tupac’s presence and compared it to to Pimp C. All eyes would be upon ‘Pac when he walked into a room.

The Los Angeles rapper, who is credited as being one of the pioneers of West Coast hip-hop, worked with Tupac. Songs such as ‘We Do This’ off his 1995 album ‘Cocktails’. He also collaborated with The Notorious B.I.G on the track ‘The World is Filled’ off the 1997 album ‘Life After Death’.

Too Short like many felt there was many sides to Tupac. “He would be these different Tupac’s when you saw he from time to time. Like he’d be the wise Tupac talking some introspective intelligent stuff. Then he’d be a militant. Then he’d be party Tupac with some Hennessy, a cigarette and a blunt all at the same time. then he’d be in the studio like Tupac the crazy rapper who writes raps faster than anybody else,” says Too Short.

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Speaking to VladTv on Tupac’s personality, Too Short said, “Every time he would be around you would know! Tupac was one of those people like Pimp C who kinda’ commanded the room to pay attention to them. The ladies wanted Tupac. Everybody wanted to be his homie and stuff like that.”

He also tells how he has an old VHS for an album that he did with Shock G hosting with an animated Tupac in the background.


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