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Too Short Recalls 2Pac’s Different Personas, Talks Biggie Studio Session

Bay Area legend Too Short appeared on Talib’s show, People’s Party With Talib Kweli, where he spoke about his relationship with 2Pac and Biggie.

His pursuit of Hip-Hop stardom came after hearing ‘Rapper’s Delight’ in 1979, he knew it was his destiny. From there, Too Short quickly made his mark with his first release, Don’t Stop Rappin’. This became one of the first records to use the word b****.

Working With Biggie In The Studio

Fast forward to the nineties, Too Short would work with The Notorious B.I.G on ‘The World Is Filled’, off Biggie’s album, ‘Life After Death’. Too Short recalls Biggie recording his verse for ‘The World Is Filled’, stating how Biggie would hit the booth with no pen or paper. “BIG goes in there and says I’ma do this in one take. And, he goes ‘when the remy in my system, ain’t no telling’, and he f***s up. And, he goes nah nah watch this, watch this. The next take he just runs that sh*t.”

Too Short

Up next after BIG was Too Short with something to prove as he would deliver a memorable dialogue in his verse. “I was in a moment that day. I was in a situation,” he explains. “You’re a pit bull, so you been in a situation where these rappers, you gon do a collaboration song. And, somehow you second to last, or you last, and motherf***ers have done their damn thing. So as an MC at this moment, everybody is in the room is oblivious to your thoughts, and you’re like F*** everybody gassed this track, and it’s my turn. You can’t go in their and mumble. It’s the moment.”

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Up next was Too Short. With nothing on paper, he turned to his friend for advice. “He said the hook says the world is fill with pimp and hoes, I just tell you about the hoes I know. He said neither one of them rapped about pimps or hoes. So, he said do what the hook says.” Using real life individuals to mix the theme of the hook with his verse, didn’t still well with those real life characters. “The people I talked about kinda got mad at me in real life,” laughs Too Short.

Too Short Thinks Of 2Pac As ‘Mythical’

Too Short’s connection with Shock G and Digital Underground would lead him to his connection with 2pac. When describing 2Pac’s personality, he said there was many sides to 2pac. “Every time I saw 2Pac he had probably like four or five different distinct personas and he would randomly be one of them.”

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Expanding on 2pac’s personas, Too Short recalls knowing 2Pac for a while before watching a BET interview with him talking militant and about the Black Panthers. “I was sitting there watching that like who the f*** is that,” says Too Short. Other times just as he was portrayed in the Biggie biopic, according to Too Short, 2pac would be that guy. “He be that guy too. A blunt, cigarette, Hennessy, and he just be that guy talking sh*t.”

too short
Digital Underground

Summing up 2Pac, Too Short described him as ‘mythical’. “He was the kind of dude if we’re all in the room, and no matter who’s the hierarchy, let him talk. Let him have the stage.” explains Too Short “That’s the guy you’d be really famous around, and for a moment you go ‘I don’t wanna be famous’. I’m going to play this little side thing and watch the show.”

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