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Tinie Tempah Tackles Racism In Freestyle, Talks The Importance Of Tupac

British Hip Hop artist Tinie Tempah speaks out about racism by recording a freestyle over the beat of Tupac’s ‘Changes’.

Tinie Tempah, real name, Patrick Okogwu, exploded on to the music scene in 2010, with his debut single ‘Pass Out’ from the album Disc-Overy. Following up on the single’s success, Tinie Tempah released Frisky, Written In The Stars and Invincible featuring Kelly Rowland. Since then, he’s gone on to become a household name, releasing 2 further albums.

A number of music artists have already spoken out about racism and the shocking treatment of George Floyd minutes before his death. In light of this, some major record companies suspended business as part of the protest on Tuesday. Black Out Tuesday saw millions of people posting black squares on social media in support of Black lives.


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This week we saw Tupac Shakur’s 1998 hit, ‘Changes’, become the anthem for the movement and protests. The song also climbed to number 25 on the iTunes Top 100, proving Tupac’s music timeless.

Rapping similarly to Tupac , Tinie Tempah certainly put passion into his ‘Changes’ freestyle. Posting on Instagram, Tinie attacked the racist system and talks about the history of segregation, banning them from sporting events. He continues; “It’s like some things never change, Tupac dropped Changes in 98, MLK made his speech back in 63, been marching all of our history.”

Speaking exclusively with AndyO4L from the O4L Online Network, Tinie Tempah explains the importance of Tupac’s music in today’s society. “Tupac spoke for an entire nation of people and for future generations. He used his platforms to spread the awareness of Systemic racism and Black injustice. His words were so powerful, which is why we still celebrate and enjoy his music till this day.”


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