Tiffany Diamond & Ginevra, DJ Don Juan’s Models Of The Week

Kicking of this episode of The Dinner Club, we welcome Tiffany Diamond. Tiffany is one of two Model’s for this week. Besides Modelling, Tiffany Diamond has a lot going on for herself. “I actually kinda started modelling in high school because I was a cheer leader and there was a photographer that would take all the professional football and basketball pictures,” explains Tiffany. “So I did my first photo shoot probably when I was like in the eleventh grade.

Although that was at an early age, Tiffany did stop for some time. Modelling in her teens was more of a way to build her portfolio and gain the experience. Tiffany would then later return to Modelling in 2015 where she ended up featuring in music videos. From then on now she would take modelling more seriously.

I’m a person who just loves… art, photography – Tiffany Diamond

Tiffany also touches on having a child at an early age and how she had to balance being a mom and going after a modelling career. “It was pretty hard, but you know it was all about just making sacrifices. I worked as a waitress for the time that I barely started doing music videos, doing more photo shoots. My waitress job actually made pretty good money. It was enough to you know save up to get myself a new car. Get better things for my and my son and help out my family,” she explains.

During this time Tiffany would find ways to still purse her goal of modelling, “Whenever I had the chance if I had one day off and I was offered something and it was cool I would take it. That’s how I continuously slowing started building up my portfolio.”

Besides modelling, Tiffany also has a few businesses of her own. Such as Diamond Bites, which are vegan and organic editable cannabis. Diamond Bites is not just a cannabis gummy, there is a goal in mind to help many. The company will be traveling to donate the CBD diamond bites to people in need, all while teaching them about the benefits of CBD.

L.A. native, Ginevra is our second Model Of The Week. For the first time on The Dinner Club we have two models on one episode. Ginevra has been modelling for three years. during that span, she has had to dealt with many personal situations. That has not stopped Ginevra, as she has been on her grind as of late.

Ginevra talks about what she feels so far has been the toughest part of modelling,”The opinions.” Not just on social media but everywhere. “Somethings get to you, cause the internet, it don’t care. It has no mercy on nobody.”

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And still to this day this shit doesn’t feel real! I never had a celebrity I thought I would feel this way towards , but I’m Highlyy thankful and grateful to have experience and be apart of your celebration of Life , you would swear this was a blood brother of mines because I feel like I’ve known the man my whole life it feels like a piece of me was taken from me . His music spoke for him ! A real leader and motivator!!! I been a Nipsey fan since 2010 he came out at the right time !! This man helped me get through a lot through his music ! I grew up in shoot outs and my dad always being on the news having western from Manchester to century blocked off from the police stand outs to shoot outs killings you name I done been through it me and my 6younger brothers at the time now 7 lol but seriously now being a mother I fear I mean fear losing one of mines to the streeets whether it be a gun or drugs or people I’m scared man I got daughters and these little niggas is wild man I’m praying for a change and he was the change we neeeded if you know me I’m all about Unity just like NIP !! And this shit fucks me up Mannnn real bad he was trying to teach us to rise against all the bullshit and division and get to the money and that’s what I stand for that’s what we all should stand for I just pray our city continues this journey and marathon to UNITY and PROSPERITY!! This shit deeper then rap …..I was gone go on a spiritual rant but I know y’all ain’t gone read that , y’all prolly ain’t gone read this 😂😂#urbanlegend #nipseyhussle #llnip #llnipseyhussle #foreverLA #Nipseythegreat #ripnipsey #sipnipsey #ripnipseyhussle #explore #explorepage #black #blackcommunity #blacknews #blackunity #blackprosperity #blackexcellence #losangeles #losangeleslegends #blackhistory #history #victorylap #tmc #themarathoncontinues

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Model Of The Week, Ginevra also gives us some words of wisdom for any up and coming models. “First and foremost, before you even go to a photographer, don’t be afraid to reach out to another model. Ask her how their experience went,” says Ginevra. “Usually they’ll be honest with you. Then check in with the photographer and them if someone is allowed. If he allowed someone then bring someone with you. Ask for the address ahead of time.”


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