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Throwback Rare Video Of Tupac Recording In Studio!

Twenty-four years on this day, rare video of Tupac Shakur as he is seen recording in studio with the Outlawz.

The video footage comes from hit producer Tommy D. Daugherty, who recorded music with Tupac Shakur.

One of the songs recorded during this particular session at Can-Am studios, was ‘Last Ones Left’. A song which features the Outlawz, and appeared on Tupac’s posthumous album ‘Until The End Of Time’.

Within the various clips, Young Noble provides commentary as he is recording via his phone, as he watches the rare video on a computer. “Yeah you know that’s how n***** use to do it. Unreleased sh**,” says Young Noble. “Kadaf and Fatal thug in peace. Big bros, writing some sh**.”

Towards the end Tupac is heard requesting for a beat that would fit what he calls a real sad song.

“Yo, I want to do a real sad song. Are we gonna have to do that from scratch, or are we gonna be able to do it with that beat,” said Tupac during the recording session. “I mean real sad.”


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