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Thoughtune – Yeah Man (Official Music Video)

Thoughtune has released their latest video for the fresh sounding track, ‘Yeah Man’.

The hip-hop group, from Warrington, north-west England, have recently been in the studio recording new music following on from a successful year.

It’s fair to say that the popularity of the group is on the rise at a rapid rate. In May, Thoughtune rocked the stage in their hometown, at the Warrington Music Festival. Some of the footage from the group’s performance that night can be seen in the ‘Yeah Man’ video.

The emergence of the group comes at a time when the north-west region saturated with other music genres. However, Thoughtune are bringing hip-hop back to the forefront in the area.

‘Yeah Man’, produced by EvilA and El Tribe, is about the daily life of the artists, putting in work in the studio. In contrast, it also shows them having fun and enjoying the journey of creating music. The video was shot by Tanya Freeman.


With their debut album due out in Autumn, the group are looking to build on their recent success. With tracks like this one, showcasing their lyrical skills, UK hip-hop fans will be in for a treat once their album drops!

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