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Thoughtune Pay Homage To Hip Hop Legends On “The Classics”

UK Hip Hop group Thoughtune pay homage to legends of the genre on their new release ‘The Classics’.

The Warrington based group, consisting of EvilA and Mike Mcdonnell (Robotic), take the listeners back to the roots of Hip Hop. Rapped over an uplifting beat, ‘The Classics’ contains references to artists like Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Wu-Tang. Throughout, the names of albums and songs from artists who inspired them are included. Topping the song off is the catchy hook. “This is for the ones who paved the way. The ones who made this whole game great. The ones that made us do this song today and we listen to the classics and drift away.”

Growing up in an area saturated with other music genres, both EvilA and Robotic gravitated towards US Hip Hop. As time went on, their love for Hip Hop grew stronger, becoming inspired by the lyrics and stories told in the music. The hard-hitting music confidently expressed by such artists had a lasting impression.

In EvilA’s case, his first influence in Hip Hop was the late, great Tupac Shakur. From the moment that he witnessed Tupac’s poetic lyricism and passion, EvilA grew more in love with Hip Hop. As a result, he bought every album and VHS with Tupac’s name on, renting all of his movies from the local video box. After studying the former Death Row Records artist, EvilA discovered other Hip Hop artists with similarities to Tupac.

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Directed by Tanya Freeman, ‘The Classics’ music video was shot in Thoughtune’s hometown of Warrington. Wearing the iconic Wu-Tang pullover, Robotic kicks off the track. Showing albums that inspired his journey in Hip Hop, he raps “Freedom of speech, that sh*t made me immortal.” Later, EvilA comes in on the second verse. Straight off the bat, he pays homage to his first influence, Tupac. He raps; “I keep my head up. It’s me against the world so picture me rollin’ on these fake friends going all out.”


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