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Thoughtune – Never Know Music Video

Thoughtune are a Hip-Hop group from Warrington in the North of England. Consisting of Evila, Mike Mcdonnell, Oats and Leo Tribe. Evila is well known for his history in battle rap. He founded the record label Thoughtune LTD in 2018.

Evila was inspired to take writing raps when he heard Eminem’s, My Name Is, when he was thirteen. After that, the young rapper put pen to paper and started putting his own lyrics into songs. Fast forward to 2019, Evila can be proud that he and his group are representing the hip hop scene in a town that is dominated by Indie and Rock bands.
His fiancé, Tanya Freeman directs all of the groups videos, which are mostly shot in and around Warrington.

In May 2019, Thoughtune performed at the Warrington Music Festival, where they put on a special performance for their hometown.

Following a successful few months for the group, Evila spoke with local press to share his thoughts behind their music.

“A lot of people I don’t know have contacted me out of the blue and said there is a lot of inspirational messages in my music. At the moment I’m trying to get a positive message across and to help people understand that no matter what happens you can get through it.”

Thoughtune’s song, “Never Know” is about how no one should give up and never believe that you can’t do anything. Drawing inspiration from the tough times, Thoughtune put every ounce of emotion into this song. As always, filmed by the talented Tanya Freeman, watch the video for Never Know below.

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