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TheHxliday Brings In The New Year With “BatBxy” EP Release

Kicking off the new year, 19-year-old TheHxliday releases his latest EP BatBxy demonstrating an uncanny knack for infectious and otherworldly melodies across the release’s six tracks.

BatBxy is about my past year experiences. It’s a special note from me to my fans,” says TheHxliday, “I wanted to drop BatBxy on New Year’s Day specifically because I feel like it’s me stepping out of my old self. It’s about the learning process that I’ve been going through in 2020 going into the new me in 2021.”

TheHxliday Brings In The New Year With "BatBxy" EP Release

The rapper-singer-songwriter and Baltimore native mixes his melodic flow that complements thumping trap beats to create his “sad boy” sound. He creates hits straight out of his bedroom expressing his singular-eccentric ideas which separates himself from the norm.


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Early singles like the moody Thank U and the carefree Laugh a Little—whose theatrical video dropped on Christmas day —show off the young songwriter’s knack for making both struggles and triumphs feel ecstatic. Even when TheHxliday sings of pain or loss on songs like “Nxbxdy,” he coats it all in glittery, gleeful melodies. That track’s hook plays like a mission statement: “I tell myself that everything is gonna be okay/I let the negativity go a-a-away.”


  1. Nxbxdy
  2. Laugh a Little
  3. Thank U
  4. Lxnechild
  5. Batgirl
  6. Bad

Listen to FatBxy EP here.

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