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The Untold Story Of Tupac & Biggie Performance In Chicago

The Art Of Dialogue has spoken to music promoter Michael Hoover about the night both Tupac and Biggie performed in Chicago.

Michael got into the music business by meeting Chicago legend and pioneer Isadore Pink, better known as PinkHouse.

He quickly gets into the untold story of when Tupac came to The Regal Theater in Chicago. This concert would be Michael’s first interaction with Tupac.

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The July 1994 concert not only featured Tupac and Biggie, but it also showcased Chicago’s up and coming artists. Artists like Crucial Conflict, Common, Twista and Da Brat, the first female rapper to come out of Chicago. There was even a baby faced seventeen-year-old by the name of Kanye West in attendance.

Tupac Biggie
An original poster promoting the concert in Chicago

On that evening Michael was backstage making sure everything ran smoothly and that the artists were happy. Describing his role that night Michael was in charge of keeping everyone merry! “I ain’t trying to say I was a drug dealer but I was making sure everybody getting high, making sure everybody get what they need” he said.

Tupac Biggie Performances

Biggie thrived on girls in the crowd reaching to touch his hand whilst on stage. After his performance, Biggie went downstairs to conduct an interview with a music channel. According to Michael, Biggie told the video crew to only videotape one side of his face. The reason Biggie given was because he was cockeyed! As a result, the viewer only gets to see one side of his face.

Tupac being the last performer of the night had security tighten up, telling everyone to clear the stage. When asked who was with him, ‘Pac included Michael in his crew. This enabled him to stay on stage whilst Tupac was performing, which he described as “epic”.

Tupac Biggie
Tupac performing at The Regal Theater in Chicago July 1994

Tupac, going through the sexual abuse case at the time, wasn’t scared of telling fans that he was set up. He went further by asking fans to protest for him saying he doesn’t want to go to prison.

After the show, all the artists went straight to the hotel and left Tupac at the venue. As a result, as soon as ‘Pac found out he snapped! He couldn’t believe that the rest of the band had gone without him. Michael offered to take him and ‘Pac accepted.

Partying Back At The Hotel

“Pac jumped off the stage and started walking with me. His boys jumped off the stage behind him and were like ‘Pac you can’t go out there, they will bomb rush your arse’. Pac was like ‘Man fu** that, they’re my people I ain’t worried about that man”.

After a melee involving security and a fan that tried to grab Tupac’s bandana off his head, they made it back to the hotel. Michael and all the artists partied all night, drinking and smoking.

Tupac Biggie
Tupac with Michael Hoover (center) and PinkHouse

Reminiscing back, Michael feels blessed and treasures the night that Tupac treated him part of his crew.

“That was about ‘Pac and Biggie back then. Everybody was just thrilled to be a part of that show. I was just so blessed to be able to be on the stage with those guys. The way ‘Pac embraced me, I was on the stage that whole show. It was beautiful to just vibe like that with ‘Pac. Rest in peace ‘Pac, rest in peace”.

Towards the end of the interview, Michael talks about the other artists’ performances at the concert.


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