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The Time Tupac Fans Fought Back On Haters In Cleveland

Another clip of Tupac’s former personal assistant, Kendrick Wells interview with Cam Capone News has been released. Kendrick retells the time Tupac fans defended Tupac Shakur at a Cleveland show.

On January 4, 1996 Tupac along with the Outlawz, DJ Quick, and Tha Dogg Pound, would perform live in Cleveland. That night Tupac would perform some of his classics such as I Get Around, California Love, and Ambitionz Az A Ridah.

According to Kendrick the performance was originally scheduled for Saturday, but Suge Knight changed it for Sunday at the last minute. Instead they ended up going to a club that Saturday night. This is where Kendrick realized quick the impact Tupac had not just on the west coast, but all over America.

The Time Tupac Fans Fought Back On Haters In Cleveland

“We walking through, and that’s when people are like, ‘Tupac! Tupac! Oh S***!’. Everybody is looking, and this is kinda like you know the height of that east coast west coast s***. I don’t know where these people stand. But, we walked into that s*** and all of a sudden I hear, ‘f*** that n**** Tupac,” says Kendrick Wells.

Tupac performing live in Cleveland

At this point Kendrick sets his mind and prepares to throw down if needed. When Kendrick looks around, Tupac and everyone else that came with ‘Pac aren’t affected by the negative outburst. “He [Tupac] didn’t even flinch. He been through this,” explains Kendrick.

“You hear the person say something else, and somebody else say something. Then everybody in the f***ing crowd beat the s*** out of the motherf***as talking s*** about ‘Pac. And, we went back to clubbing.”

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Despite all the talk in the media of a east coast west coast war, Kendrick realized that night Tupac had love from fans everywhere. “In that moment, fans loved Tupac, and they never seen him before. And, they was glad he was in their house.”


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