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The Time Suge Knight Cried When Ja Rule Reminded Him Of Tupac

Earlier this summer Toofab caught up with the former Murder Inc. artist in Los Angeles where Ja Rule retells his meeting with former Death Row records owner, Suge Knight.

Ja and Knight both met at Enterprise Studios in Los Angeles. It was there that Suge Knight apparently made the comparison to Tupac. Which then according to Ja Rule resulted in Knight becoming emotional. “It was an emotional moment for Suge because I think he’s seen qualities in me that I guess he’s seen in Pac,” Ja Rule explains to TooFab.com.

When Ja Rule came onto the scene in 1998, he received backlash from what many felt was a cheap imitation of the late great Tupac Shakur. The Tupac and Ja Rule comparisons died out pretty quickly, but apparently Suge Knight added to the fire when he first met Ja Rule.

Ja Rule (Image via Getty/Mindy Small)

Ja Rule debut to the main stream came on Jay-Z‘s ‘Can I Get A What What’ music video, a song featured on the Rush Hour soundtrack. The video showcased a young Ja Rule, with no shirt, white bandanna, a look that many felt was a rip off of Tupac Shakur.

It ain’t even a question
How my dough flows, I’m good to these bad hoes
Like my bush wet and undry like damp clothes
What y’all (brothers) don’t know, it’s eazy, to pimp a hoe
(B’s) betta have my, money fo’ sho’ – Ja Rule, Can I Get a What What

The result for what seem to be Ja Rule’s imitation of Tupac did not still well with many, and a familiar foe took aim at the Queen’s rapper. Long time rival 50 Cent along with Eminem dissed Ja Rule over Tupac’s ‘Hail Mary’ beat.

Eminem kicks off the diss song with, “You ain’t no killa, you a (punk). That Ecstasy done got you all emotional and mushy. Wearin’ rags in photos, Ja’s words bein’ quoted. In The Source, stealin’ Pac’s ishh like he just wrote it.”

As told to Toofab.com, Ja Rule goes into further details on his meeting with Suge Knight. “And then actually meeting me we had I guess similar energy to him because he asked me a question. When I answered he said, ‘Yo that’s exactly what Pac said.’ And he got real emotional. This is real ishh.”

“Gangsters cry man, don’t get it (messed) up man,” Ja rule tells TooFab.com . “You know I know a lot of real, real gangsters and the one thing I do know about them is you wouldn’t know they were gangsters. Like when you’re around them and the first thing you would say is, ‘This is the guy that is responsible and all this crazy stories are about? Because he is a sweetheart to people that are good to him.”

This particular meeting was first discussed by Irv Gotti when he was interviews by ValdTV. Gotti would go on to say that Suge Knight “broke down with real tears” when meeting Ja Rule for the first time.


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