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The Rock Returns To Football With XFL Purchase Worth 15 Million

When you read The Rock and XFL in the same sentence you probably thought to yourself Vince McMahon is signing the “Great One” to resurrect his league.

But, no instead Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his investment group, RedBird Capital, have purchased the XFL before it was auctioned off on Monday (August 3). The pending deal is worth 15 million dollars and will take the next big step this Friday. It must first be approved in bankruptcy court.

The RedBird Capital are no strangers to sports related business deals. They have purchased part of the Yankees YES Network, French soccer team Toulouse, and invented in various NFL properties.


Dwyane Johnson is also not a stranger when it comes to Football. Back in his college days The Rock played football for the University of Miami. Although he ended up in pro wrestling, The Rock became one of the biggest stars ever for Vince McMahon WWE. Not to mention becoming the number one box office actor in Hollywood.

Vince McMahon relaunched the XFL on February of 2020 with eight teams and an incredible 3 million viewers tuning in. But, that viewership quickly dropped and five weeks into the season, the XFL was once again no more. In April, a month after the COVID-19 outbreak, McMahon filed for bankruptcy protection.

At the moment the deal could take until the end of August to finalize, but expect for more information to leak until then. It appears the XFL will return for its third resurgence, but due to COVID-19 the timetable is unknown, even to The Rock and RedBird Capital.

Ironically on his own show “Ballers”, The Rock’s character had him in pursue of purchasing an NFL franchise. After five seasons, The Rock announced the end for “Ballers”.


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