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The Reason Why Tupac Was Mad At Snoop Dogg

Plus the Tupac and Nas Faceoff

The ‘Untold Stories of Hip Hop‘ premiered with it’s first episode featuring Snoop Dogg and Cardi B. The reason why Tupac was mad at Snoop Dogg, Nas and Tupac face off in New York, plus the last time Snoop ever saw Tupac alive was all told by Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg would go on to explain the reason why Tupac was mad at him, as well as what occurred during the Tupac and Nas face off in NY.

Hosted by legendary radio host Angie Martinez, Untold Stories of Hip Hop, showcases Angie interviewing Hip Hop royalty. These iconic figures in Hip Hop reveal never before told stories.

The story has been told before, with many different versions of the story. Snoop Dogg’s side of the story states that he was right there when Tupac and Nas faced off. The face off occurred during the MTV Video Music Awards after party in Bryant Park.

The Reason Why Tupac Was Mad At Snoop Dogg
Angie & Snoop, Untold Stories Of Hip Hop Episode 1

Tupac and Nas

According to Snoop Nas walked over to Tupac. On the first episode, Snoop Dogg tells Angie Martinez about the Tupac and Nas face off. “Tupac got the whole Death Row. We’re riled up. I step away from him. Him and Nas right here – boom! Nas like, “Wassup Pac? I love your music, I’m a fan.” Guess what Pac say? [He said,] “Well ni**a, if you a fan – I dissed you, Jay-Z, Biggie.” He named off a gang of motherf***ers. [Pac added,] “I dissed all you motherf***ers on a song, and if you a fan and you ain’t got no beef, don’t say nothing.” And Nas said, “I love you. I’ll never diss you.” And he shook his hand and hugged him. When he walked off, Pac said, “Yeah, I punked that ni**a.” In my mind, I was like, nah, he let us slide ’cause Nas had more ni**as than we did.”

Various versions have surfaced over the years, including former Outlawz member Napoloen, who was also there that night. Read more about Napoleon and Nas side of the story.

After The After Party

The next day, Snoop Dogg would appear on Hot 97 on Angie Martinez show. Angie Martinez till this day feels guilty and responsible for the fallout between Tupac and Snoop. “Even though I know my intentions were good, I always felt just really bad about how you’re relationship with ‘Pac ended,” says Angie to Snoop.

During the 1996 Hot 97 interview with Snoop, Angie would ask him how he felt about Puffy and Biggie. Snoop’s reply saying he was “cool with them”, infuriated Tupac and Death Row records. Tupac felt betrayed and perhaps with good reason.

Angie Martinez & Snoop Dogg Hot 97 scene from All Eyez On Me biopic
Angie Martinez & Snoop Dogg Hot 97 interview scene from All Eyez On Me biopic

Snoop would go on to explain that himself, Biggie, Puffy and Tupac were always friends before. Even if true, Snoop had to realize that things had changed since then. He had to know that saying he was “cool” with Biggie and Puff, would be looked as betrayal to his label mates that kept it 100 with him. Especially during that period of time.

After completing the interview with Angie Martinez at Hot 97, Snoop went back to his hotel, Snoop got word from his uncle that Tupac was trippin’. Snoop’s uncle would also go on to say that Tupac planned on going up to the club and F**king Biggie up. According to Snoop, his uncle and Tupac would eventually go to the club together, where Tupac would end up snatching a Biggie record that was being played.

The Flight Home

Snoop would also speak about the last time he saw Tupac alive. Snoop remembers this day all too well. As a matter of fact, Snoop shared this story on Sway In The Morning back in 2013 and it would also play out in the Tupac biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’.

During the plane ride back home on September 6, 1996, Snoop was not allowed to have his security with him. Suge explained that Snoop’s security would have to take a regular flight home. Throughout the 5 and a half flight no one would speak to Snoop. Snoop ended up sitting back on a seat with a blanket covering half his face. Underneath the blanket he held a fork and a knife.

Once they landed, everyone went to their Rolls-Royce. It was then that Snoop asked Tupac if he was headed to Vegas to watch the Tyson fight. Tupac shaking his head wouldn’t say a word to Snoop. This would be the last time Snoop saw Tupac alive.


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