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The Real Reason Why 50 Cent Walked Out Of The Complex Interview

Queens native and executive television producer 50 Cent recently sat down with Complex News to discuss Eminem, his new show on ABC, and French Montana… kind of.

50 Cent has a lot going for himself, such as his brand new television series titled ‘For Life‘ which we debut on ABC on February 11.

Serving as an executive producer via his G-Unit Film & Television banner, 50 Cent expect’s the new series ‘For Life’ to hit higher ratings than ‘Power’. “This is gonna be the number one show on ABC, I believe in two seasons. But, it will do higher ratings than Power.”

The Real Reason Why 50 Cent Walked Out Of Complex Interview

“Everybody’s television already has ABC on it. It’s no go buy the app,” explains 50 Cent. “This one is bringing a premium cable show to network television.”

On January 30, 50 Cent also became only the ninth Hip Hop artist to have his own star in Hollywood. “I look at this like a lifetime achievement award,” said 50 Cent during his Hollywood Star acceptance speech. “It’s cool. They’ll give me more. I know they’ll give me a lifetime achievement award because I’m not done.”

With all the success 50 Cent has endured, the last thing he would like to focus on is negativity. Especially after the lost of Kobe Bryant which affected so many in a positive way, giving all a new respective of life.

After the tragic lost of Kobe Bryant, 50 Cent took to Instagram to declare a new way of thinking going forward. Posting a video of himself and Kobe, 50 captioned the video with, “I feel like i have to achieve what i want in life now after this. I have to focus. I’m not arguing with anyone anymore. I’ll deal with it another way if there’s a problem.”

Taking all this into account, the last thing 50 Cent would want to speak about is his “beef” with French Montana. A beef which saw the two artists go back and forth on social media for the past two months.

So when asked by Complex News about his beef with French Montana it is no surprise of 50 Cent’s reaction.

When asked if there was any truth to the rumors he assaulted French Montana in Miami 50 had no interest in speaking about it. “I don’t really have interest in it. “There’s not much going on.”

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After 50 Cent explained that there was no truth to the rumors and also adding, “Would I do a thing like that?”, the interviewer crossed the line. The interviewer stated that he wouldn’t put it past 50. This is when 50 Cent had enough.

While taking off his microphone, 50 Cent said, “Why would you think that way? Would you think that Will Smith would do that?”

As 50 Cent was clearly bothered by the comment, 50 also added a few last comments before he left the interview, “I can’t believe you would say these things about me. Peace my brother. Do not allow my inner peace to disturb your inner demon.”


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