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Pre-Order EDI DON Presents The Hope Dealer PT 2 Now!

“It’s O4L again, run and tell a friend, we gon give em hell to the very end”

Pre-order is now available for EDI Don’s second solo album, The Hope Dealer Part 2. The highly anticipated album will be released on December 7, 2018. The Hope Dealer Part 2 will feature Young Noble, Aktual, Deladiea, Ed Bone and Kevin McCall to name a few. Producers for the album consist of Boss Devito, Skinny Mash, Sutardy Brothers, Julian Spade, Aceman, Chris Noxx and others.

Pre-order for The Hope Dealer Part 2 is available via Google Play | iTunes | Amazon Music

Releasing through O4L Digital, the album will have 13 songs including Dreams the first single released for the album. The music video directed by Jae Synth.

thd2 cover

thd2 back cover

O4L Online will be reviewing the album before its release date, so stay tuned and make sure to subscribe to receive alerts first for all the latest.


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