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The Game Talks Face To Face Conversation With 50 Cent

Appearing on the Everyday Struggle, The Game addresses what happened when him and 50 Cent ran into each other in a club.

Giving credit to Nipsey Hussle for his new outlook on certain beefs with other artists in the industry, Game talks about how its changed his beef with 50 Cent. “I could have died in my beef with 50. 50 could have died. We was really shooting that s***,” explains Game. “Me and 50 wasn’t rap beefing. We was shooting at each other. He’ll tell you the same thing.”

Game and 50 had a chance to reunite after eleven years of not seeing each other. “I seen him at the club last summer and we chopped it up. N**** gave me a bottle of the s*** with the king on it.”

50 Cent and The Game
50 Cent and The Game

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“I asked the n****, was Angie gon die? He told me before the s*** came out. So when the n**** 50 told me Angie was gon die, I was like aight this is my n**** again, we good.”

Game recalls that night and what 50 Cent told him, “Game I don’t even know what happened.”

The Game, 50 Cent – The Black Beatles?

Despite their beef, and perhaps never recording a song together ever again, both left a mark in Hip Hop forever. A mark that Game understands very well, “At the end of the day me and 50 were great at at time where we needed to be, and we service Hip Hop as a whole. Jimmy Iovine used to say, we were like the black Beatles, not disrespect to nobody else. At that time, man you gotta understand G-Unit, we was getting a million a show. 50 was getting half a show.”

G-Unit live on the Tonight Show

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Who can argue, that is still plenty of money for anyone starting out thier Hip Hop career. “We would still split, 100 thousand for, you know. 500 hundred thousand for me, Buck, Bank, and Yayo. So, we all 23 year old making a hundred thousand a show. G-Unit was doing a hundred shows, n**** a tour,” says The Game. “I’m still spending G-Unit money. We are beyond good.”

Fast forward to 11:45 in the interview with The Game on Everyday Struggle.


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