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The Game Has A New Face Tattoo In Tribute To Kobe Bryant

The Game known for his infamous face tattoo, which became an Instagram filter at the end of 2019, has a new face tat. This time in tribute to the late great Kobe Bryant.

West Coast Hip Hop artist The Game who performed overseas, was not around for what he calls “all the celebratory things” the city was doing in tribute to Kobe Bryant.

Telling the crowd during one of his shows, how much he appreciates their love and support. Not wanting to let them down, The Game’s continued with his tour obligations which prevented him from being in L.A.

The Game shows off his new face Tattoo
The Game shows off his new face Tattoo

“I left L.A. I left my city when I felt like my city needed me. I’m not gonna be able to make Kobe’s memorial. I’m not gonna be able to be apart of the celebratory things that the city is doing, but I’m here with ya, and we’ll celebrate it together,” The Game tells the Manchester crowd.

But that wouldn’t stop The Game from paying tribute to Kobe as soon as he got the chance. Choosing to go with Kobe’s number 8, The Game was inked right above his eye brown with the number placed horizontal.

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The Game would revel the tattoo via his official Instagram account as seen below. No word yet if this will be a new filter.

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