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The Emotional Side of Money With Special Guest Martha Lawton

We often think of ourselves as being made up of pure free-will, believing that we can just discipline ourselves into being better humans. Martha Lawton combats the myth of self-determination, considering how our biology and psychology influence all of our decisions.

On episode 39, we welcome financial advisor Martha Lawton to discuss the emotional side of our financial choices. We also discuss the link between mental health and our finances, whether sheer free-will suffices for self-discipline, and the importance of empathizing with our circumstances to foster financial maturity.

Martha Lawton also hosts a podcast titled “Sqaunderlust“, alongside co-host Alex. Squanderlust focuses on the emotional side of money, why our actions aren’t always as good as our intentions and what we can do about it.

The Emotional Side of Money With Special Guest Martha Lawton
Martha Lawton co-host of Squanderlust podcast

For over 12 years, Martha has been helping people to improve their financial well-being. She was a financial adviser for a short time before realizing she would rather be in the non-profit world.

Financial literacy is composed of healthy strategies and an understanding of the barriers that prevent us from implementing them. Together, motivation and alternative ways of coping, help us master, to some extent, our budgets.

Leon Garber, Co-host of Seize the Moment podcast

Since then she’s facilitated hundreds of workshops and helped thousands of people think more clearly about their finances.

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