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The Cultural Power Of Books w/ Guest Steph Kent | EP.16

Literary aficionado, Steph Kent joined us to tell us about her company, Call Me Ishmael, and how she uses it to promote reading and empathy among people of all age groups.

Call Me Ishmael is a New York City-based project that invites readers to celebrate the books they love. Anyone can call and leave a voicemail message about their favorite book; thousands of bibliophiles have already called and over a million readers have listened to this library of stories.

Visit Steph Kent’s official web site.

We share our own stories about how books helped us see ourselves and others with greater clarity, fostering compassion for those whom comprise our worlds. The significance of this show lies in the importance of books and our exploration of how they can profoundly change lives, and even heal their readers.

If you would like to share your story, questions and/or comments please do and we will add it to a future episode on our official YouTube channel! Contact us by click here.


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