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The Best Of Tupac 2019: Rare Videos And Photos

Best Of 2019: All Eyez On Tupac

There has been many rare Tupac photos and unreleased video footage that surfaced in the year 2019. The result an extremely enthusiastic Thug Nation. We take a look at the best of Tupac 2019 when it comes to these rare Tupac videos and pictures. This is our top 7 list!

Top 7 of Tupac 2019 rare videos and photos

#1 Tupac Speech at Black Expo

This rare Tupac footage takes the number one spot. The rare Tupac speech came at The Indiana Black Expo. The expo is one of the largest ethnic-cultural events in the United States. It uses its platform to be the voice to advance African Americans. At the 23rd annual Indiana Black Expo, Tupac Shakur joined Valethia Watkins, Brian Muata Harris, Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad and Dr Greg Carr as a guest. At the event, he spoke about the realities of Black life in America.

Dr. Greg Carr and Tupac @ 23rd annual Indiana Black Expo, 1993
Dr. Greg Carr and Tupac @ 23rd annual Indiana Black Expo, 1993

” Twenty-three years later, so many of the points Tupac raised echo in today’s young movement leaders and artists. A new generation calls out. And I remember previous moments of self-awareness, proto-revolutionary desire, and a man with a boyish enthusiasm and the heart of a warrior, only a few years younger than I was at the time, whose body is gone but whose spirit, like that of all his and all of our ancestors, endures,” writes Dr. Greg Carr on thehilltoponline.com.

More on details related to this day and Tupac’s speech can be found by reading: Rare Tupac Speech At The Indiana Black Expo [Full Video Best Quality]

#2 MTV 1995 Tupac interview in Venice Beach

Coming in at number 2 is the interview with MTV News. Taking place on October 27, 1995, this was Tupac’s first extensive interview since released from prison. As MTV News correspondent Tabitha Soren and Tupac stroll down Venice boardwalk, they delve into a deep conversation about Tupac’s life. During his conversation with Tabitha, it’s clear that Tupac’s trials and tribulations had taken its toll. He’s more laid back and reserved than in previous interviews but still delivers his answers with precision.

MTV News Tabitha Soren and Tupac
Tabitha Soren and Tupac

“I only had two jobs ever in my life. One was at Roundtable Pizza, I used to make the pizza but it was good, it was the perfect job, Tabitha, ’cause I was hungry and I got to like eat all the toppings of peoples pizza. That’s where I ate ’cause everything is right there. If you imagine I was making pizzas on the side, bringing pizzas home, I’m calling in my own deliveries,” Tupac as he tells Tabitha.

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Previously, numerous snippets from the interview have been made public, with part of it included in the 2003 movie Tupac: Resurrection. However, this is the first time the interview has aired in its entirety, giving Tupac fans more rare footage.

MTV Tupac Interview Time Stamp

  • 0:01 What does Tupac Amaru Shakur mean?
  • 0:41 Moving to the West Coast and dropping out of art school
  • 3:07 Moving out to the West Coast and being broke
  • 3:53 Tupac on his mother, Afeni Shakur and drug addiction
  • 5:16 Childhood and growing up
  • 5:41 Dealing with traumatic experiences
  • 7:42 Going from making pizza to joining Digital Underground
  • 9:14 Tupac gets a tattoo
  • 9:43 Getting introduced to the ‘thug mentality’
  • 10:51 Growing up without a father
  • 13:34 Working hard and success
  • 14:27 Justice and finding the person who shot him
  • 16:02 How life would be different if Tupac had a father
  • 16:32 Tupac on being a father
  • 17:46 Being in touch with his feminine side
  • 18:15 Starting a community center with Mike Tyson
  • 19:11 Distancing himself from a ‘thug life’ mentality
  • 19:39 Being able to live a ‘normal’ or ‘happy’ life

#3 Tupac HQ 1993 photo shoot

Dutch photographer and filmmaker, Dana Lixenberg, has worked with the likes of Prince, Biggie Smalls, Whitney Houston and Tupac Shakur. Her work has been well received and these HQ photos released in 2019 from the 1993 Tupac photo shoot has inspired many.

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When Dana photographed Tupac Shakur at a young age of 22, little did she know one of those shots would inspire many. Artists from around the world used the photo below and created their own paintings and murals in tribute of the icon.

1993 Tupac Shakur Photo By Dana Lixenberg

The photo captures Tupac’s deep and inner complexity. One of the first murals inspired by the photo was discovered in the lower east side of Manhattan. Then over the years more inspirational murals followed in Madrid, China and Melbourne.

Full collection of the Tupac photo shoot can be seen here: View 1993 Tupac Shakur HQ Photos By Dutch Photographer

#4 Glam Slam 1992 Tupac performance

On the evening of April 11th 1992, Tupac, along with half-brother Mopreme Shakur and Mouse Man, gave an energetic show. The 1992 Glam Slam performance took place at the Prince’s Glam Slam West nightclub.

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Uploaded to YouTube, this incredible video is eleven minutes in duration. Viewers can see Tupac performing hits from his debut album, 2Pacalypse Now, including Trapped and Brenda’s Got A Baby. As the beat kicked in to the touching and emotional song, Tupac and his crew gave out red roses for the women in the audience. Even very early into his career, Tupac felt at home on stage, owning it and engaging with his audience.

rare photo of 2pac at glam slam 1992. Photograph by Loupy D
Photograph by Loupy D

LA journalist, Lawrence Evan Dotson, aka Loupy D, was in attendance and shot photographs of the night. “The vibes were nice. Being an industry party so it was guest list only. The first pic I got of 2Pac was of him entering the stage door into the club. Once inside, I moved throughout the crowd during the performance, taking as many pictures from as many different angles as I could. All the other pictures on that roll of film are shots of me and my friends, enjoying the party,” as told by Loupy D in an interview with Andrew Moffatt. Read the full interview here: Loupy D Interview Talks Tupac 1992 Glam Slam Performance

One of the songs performed that night was ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby‘. This is the only footage available of Tupac performing the song live.

#5 Tupac pictures from Gridlock’d Blu-ray

Number five on the list are 70 plus high quality unseen rare Tupac pictures are from the German Blu-ray version of the movie Gridlock’d.

Gridlock’d, a crime comedy, shows America’s drug epidemic and stars Tupac Shakur as Spoon and Tim Roth as Stretch. Both Spoon and Stretch are friends in a band but are also trying to grapple with drug addiction and wild lifestyle. After their close friend and bandmate, Cookie, played by Thandie Newton, dies after an overdose, the pair try their hardest to get clean.

At Gridlock’d’s premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, the audience received the movie well. Although the movie was shot June of 1996, it wasn’t released until January 1997, Tupac would never get to see the finished product.

“I used to quietly slide into his trailer during the day at some point when no one was around. I’d kick back and have a beer and he’d be sitting there writing, which was good. Good to see. He worked at it. His success was not a fluke. He was a poet,” says Tim Roth.

View the full collection of rare photos here.

#6 Tupac, Ice Cube And Ice-T In Studio

Three of the most influential West Coast icons can now be seen all in one video. In this new leaked video of Tupac, Ice Cube and Ice-T can all be seen in studio as they share stories and record music.

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The studio session which was recorded in 1993, shows Tupac talking about the movie Poetic Justice, describing the movie experience as “cool”. Towards the end of the video Tupac is interviewed where he speaks about being a solo artist. When asked about his debut solo album ‘2Pacalypse Now‘, Tupac says its “the bomb, “the chronic”.

#7 Tupac rare interview clip released by AllHipHop.com

The interview clip was released by AllHipHop, where we watch Tupac speaks about Acting, Black Panthers and rapping. The one minute clip comes from an interview that was conducted on July 16, 1993, while promoting Poetic Justice. The full interview has yet to be leaked.

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Rare 1993 Interview Clip Of Tupac Via Allhiphop

“When I get to perform my rhymes, I express myself in an even deeper way, and go deeper into what I want to say. I’m the director and I’m the star and I’m the editor and I’m the production assistant. So it’s like acting just on a smaller scale,” Tupac in the rare footage.

The interview clip can be seen by clicking here exclusively via allhiphop.com.

Which is the best Tupac 2019 rare video or photo?

Which is your favorite and best of Tupac 2019 rare photos and videos? Drop a comment below.


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