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The Art Of Dialogue Talks With Kenya Ware About Biggie Taunting Fans

YouTube channel The Art Of Dialogue talks with Kenya Ware about Biggie Smalls LA trip and details the aftermath of his death.

With being Daz Dillinger’s baby’s mother, Kenya spent time around the Death Row entourage. She previously spoke to The Art Of Dialogue about the final days of Tupac’s life in the hospital and reveals how his entourage kept watching as security because of threats.

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Tupac & Kenya

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In this part of her interview with The Art Of Dialogue, Kenya details the death of Biggie Smalls and the immediate reaction from people from both coasts. In March 1997, Biggie Smalls was in California to promote his album, Life After Death. This was just six months after the death of Tupac, his former friend turned enemy. Furthermore, in the days leading up to the party, Biggie received warnings about coming out to LA. At the time, maybe people might of had ill feelings towards him as a result of Tupac dying.

On March 8th 1997, Biggie and his entourage attended a Soul Train after-party at the Peterson Museum in LA. It was when he was leaving this party in the early hours of March 9th, that he was shot four times in a drive-by shooting. As a result, Biggie Smalls was pronounced dead at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, aged twenty-four.

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Biggie Smalls and Puffy at Soul Train Awards LA, March 7th 1997

Phone Calls Concerning Biggie Smalls Shooting

Kenya did not attend the party but recalls getting phone calls from various people. These included Tupac’s sister Sekyiwa Shakur and Russell Simmons, asking about what happened.

Reminiscing back to the phone call between her and Sekyiwa, Kenya says it was brief. Speaking on that phone call Kenya said; “She wasn’t in California, she was somewhere else. She said ‘hey Kenya, I’m just calling to see if it was true what happened with Biggie getting shot’. It appears to be. We’ve got a million calls, she said ‘ok’ and just hung up the phone, nothing more, nothing less.”

The trip out to LA for Biggie Smalls to promote his album baffled Kenya. She said it was crazy and saw it as Biggie maybe taunting the Tupac fans in LA. Believing he would almost certainly still be here if he hadn’t of come out to LA, Kenya describes the trip as “throwing gas on the fire.”

She also tells The Art Of Dialogue the story of Kurupt and Foxy Brown leaving her house to attend the Vibe party and also their volatile relationship.


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