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Tekashi Out Of Jail, Expected To Finish Sentence At Home!

Tekashi Out Of Jail is now a reality, as Hip Hop‘s controversial artist will finish his sentence at home.

Judge Paul Engelmeyer on Thursday (April 2) had full authority to release Tekashi out of jail. Engelmeyer in a final attempt to release Tekashi out of prison wrote a letter to the government which read, “The parties are advised that, provided that the Court has legal authority to grant the relief requested by defense counsel, the Court intends to do so.”

In response, US Attorney Geoffrey Berman wrote he that he was ok with the idea of 6ix9ine’s early release to home confinement.

Tekashi Out Of Jail, Expected To Finish Sentence At Home!

“In the event the Court finds ‘extraordinary and compelling reasons’ presented by the defendant’s medical condition, placing him at high risk during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Government does not oppose the defendant’s motion for compassionate release,” Berman wrote in a letter responding back to Judge Engelmayer.

Tekashi will serve the remainder of his two year sentence at home. For the first four months, Tekashi will be wearing a GPS monitor. In the event that the GPS goes down or malfunctions, Tekashi will have to immediately video call with his probation officer daily until the GPS monitor is up and running again.

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Part of the agreement for 6ix9ine’s early release, he can not leave his home unless it is for necessary medical treatment or to visit his legal counsel. All which has to be approved by the probation department.


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