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Tekashi 69 Sued …. Again, For Even More Millions!

Unfortunately for the soon to be free Hip Hop artist, Tekashi 69 sued once again is a reality. After being sued by FashionNova, 6ix9ine is sued again!

According to reports, an alleged shooting victim, has sued Tekashi 69 for an incident that took place in 2018. A lawsuit that totals the amount of $150 million dollars.

The woman who filed the lawsuit is going by the name Jane Doe, and she claims she was shot in the foot by a stray bullet. As a result the victim fell to the ground injuring her back.

Tekashi 69 Sued .... Again, For Even More Millions!

Injuries suffered because of the incident cause her to lose her job at the Century 21 department store. The victim also had plans of joining the NYPD academy, which she had to put on hold.

But what really happened? And how did this involve Tekashi 69? Well, according to the victim, although Tekashi 69 was not the one who fired the shots, he was the one who ordered the shooting.

On July 16, 2018 in Brooklyn, members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods were filming a much video at the Smurf Village apartment complex. Word got back to Tekashi 69 of the filming, and according to the lawsuit, Tekashi ordered that individual “to assault and/or murder the Nine Trey members involved in his kidnapping “.

Something just doesn’t add up in the documents filed for the lawsuit. According to the lawsuit the incident took place on July 16. The initial cause of the shooting allegedly was because Tekashi 69 seek revenged on those who kidnapped him. Problem with that is, Tekashi had claimed he was kidnapped on July 22nd of 2018.

No word yet if this will affect Tekashi 69 early release from prison. As reported earlier this month (March), Lance Lazzaro confirmed to Complex via text message about 6ix9ine release date of August 2, 2020. More on Tekashi 69 release from prison here.

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In related news, Tekashi 69 was also sued by FashionNova for $225 million dollars, as they claim Tekashi did not live up to their agreement which consisted of $225K in advance pay. Read: What Really Happened With Fashion Nova


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