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Tekashi 69 New Video Rocking A Beard, No Rainbow Hair

A Tekashi 69 new video rocking a new look has surfaced online. It has been more than a month since the controversial rapper posted on social media, perhaps his longest drought since he was advised not to post on any platform leading up to the end of his house arrest.

Whether you love or dislike the artist, many have been wondering why he has been quite for this long. Since his release from prison in April, 69 has been uploading videos just about on a daily basis — doing his best trolling and album promoting.

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Tekashi 69 New Video Rocking A Beard, No Rainbow Hair
Tekashi 69 (Getty Images)

In a video posted by The Neighborhood Talk IG account, Tekashi 69 is seen visiting a fan in New York and then shouting out friends of the female fan.

Clearly cutting down his weight is a priority and perhaps the reason why he has taken time off from social media.

Earlier this month, 6ix9ine was rushed to the hospital for overdosing on weight loss pills and caffeine. Speaking with The Shade Room, Tekashi explained the reason behind the overdose. Instead of taking the recommended daily dose of Hydroxycut pills, Tekashi took two pills and a cup of coffee. The result was a higher heart rate as he began to sweat excessively right after.

Many have suggested his time away is due to his album ‘TattleTales’ low sales. The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne mocked 69 and gave his advice on how to fix his current weight problem. “By the way he went quite after his album flopped,” Charlamagne added. “I’ll tell 6ix9ine one thing, if he don’t sell no records he’s gonna lose about 600 pounds, cause all of them security guards gon be gone. You ain’t gonna be able to feed them.”

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