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Tattle Tales, 6ix9ine’s Entire Album Will Be Performed Live

After taking a few days off Instagram, it has been announced that Tattle Tales 6ix9ine’s new album is dropping on September 4th with a live performance of the entire Tattle Tales album the following day.

Continuing his “trolling” promo run which has already included New York and Los Angeles, Tekashi 69 latest video has him in Chicago. “Just landed in Chicago and all that. Yo, I got a huge announcement for ya’ll. I’m dropping the album September 4th, Tattle Tales the album,” 6ix9ine said in the IG video post.

No word yet on the Tattle Tales track list, but one thing is for certain, 6ix9ine’s collab with Akon for “Locked Up Part 2” will be on the new album. The controversial collaboration could also be the lead single. (Watch Akon and 6ix9ine record Locked Up Part 2)

6ix9ine is also expected to perform the entire Tattle Tales album live via GlobalStreamingNow. All 12 songs off the new album will be performed on September 5, 2020 at 8 p.m. eastern time.

Back on July, 6ix9ine broke the news himself to TMZ. The hour long performance will also include 6ix9ine interaction with fans on the live stream. Not to mention, Tekashi hinted viewers can expect eye candy dancers, a live band and colorful displays TMZ reported.


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