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T.I. Explains Why He Put Tupac Over Jay-Z On Top 50 Greatest List

Hip-Hop’s greatest 50 rappers of all time has been a hot topic for the year 2019. The debate would continue when T.I. appeared on the Breakfast Club. This time the discussion came down to two artist. Jay-Z and Tupac.

Earlier in October, T.I. shared his list during an episode on his ExpediTIously podcast. His top list had Tupac as number one, Jay-Z as number two followed by Biggie as number three, and Snoop Dogg at number four.

T.I. Explains Why He Put Tupac Over Jay-Z On Top 50 Greatest List

One can disagree or agree with T.I.’s list, but then again could there ever be a list that is the “right one”. T.I. recalls the time he spoke to Jay-Z on the phone, and was questioned by Hov regarding the Top 50 list. “Hov called. We was talking about something else. Something completely non related, and then he says ‘Oh, and by the way, you really believe that?’, I said yeah.”

Explaining his reason why on the Breakfast Club, T.I. says it comes down to one thing, “When it comes to impact.” Not to take anything away from Jay-Z who is still at number two on T.I.’s list. “I think hov, is the greatest rapper alive,” says T.I.

Charlamagne, on the hand, disagrees with the list. Known for being a huge supporter of Jay-Z, Charlamagne feels Hov deserves the top spot. “I think he’s number one now. Only reason I say that is, one thing about ‘Pac, ‘Pac didn’t get a chance to.. like his influence i seen everywhere. He didn’t get a chance to actually put on a J. Cole, put on, you know, a Kanye.”

What are the rules for the Top 50 list?

In Tupac’s defense, T.I. explains further what he feels Tupac meant to Hip-Hop. “Listen, you know, ‘Pac is like the Hip-Hop Michael Jackson, you know that right. You can go anywhere, any part of the globe, and say Tupac, and they gon sing a Tupac song. They gon sing ‘How Do U Want It’, ‘Hit ‘Em Up’. They gon sing ‘California Love’, they gon sing something,” says T.I.

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T.I. feels that when making such a list as Top 50 greatest rappers of all time, it’s not strictly based on skill set, but also impact has to be considered. Writing your own lyrics should also be part of the equation, says T.I. For those who have admittedly said they don’t write all their lyrics, T.I. says that automatically moves you down the list. “I thought Kanye should come down. Because, I don’t think, if you don’t write your own lyrics, I don’t think you should be high on the list.”

Fast forward to hear the Tupac Vs. Jay-Z discussion @ 5:10.


  1. There will never ever be brains in this world like PAK… Watch his interviews and listen to how deep the 17 year old PAK was… The guy is a 1000 times better than and a heard of the demon Hovaa… I wish PAK was manageable kus that’s what he’s down fall was… Sometimes I tend to agreed with Joyner Lucas on his track…the devil’s work. Asia, Afrikka, South Amerikka, Europe and Australia have come to know and love Hip Hop kus of PAK… PAK was real in every way. Talked of our struggles, us the melanin blessed nigroes to the zee… Lyrically untouchable, his rhythmes so naturally placed & impactiful in his music. PAK was and will forever be one of the 2 greatest musicians to have ever blessed planet Earth and thus alongside Michael Jackson. PAK the Original and forever the Nigrotis President. The god of the RAP game and gangsta RAP. A military Mind, never faltered in the face of the Caucasian devils. A paramilitary soldiers, gorilla fighter, the Mike Iron of the Rapuology, the voice of many thunders, the Muhammad Ali of all the lyricists. None compares to him in the history of HIPHOP. You have your soldier in me PAK… I will forever be your THUG. May the love of Yehusha Yahwe forever be with you. Love from the MotherLand MAMA Afrikka… Amatatiyela in the Eastern Cape of South Afrikka.. MO luthando PAK… Peace..!

  2. Tupac Forever, then only Rapper who spoke about everyday lives, he choosed to speak his mind so freely so that other niggaz could have a voice some day. what’s more i came to realize how many African Americans don’t know or understand Pac like some other part of the globe do, it’s a shame, Tupac Amaru Shakur is a legend, ahero. stop comparing him with these sellouts,

  3. Every Young upcoming musician wanna be like PAC
    His influence is world wide .I grew in a family where PAC culture was celebrated almost everyday.
    No wonder PAC will forever live in our hearts and in our minds he will never die .

  4. Even us in the remote part of the world called Malawi shares our side with TIp on Tupac’s impact.he died young while ago but his music has power with values up to this time

  5. We all know Pac’s influence and nobody can deny that. While I think Pac is more influencial but Jay-Z is more great no doubt.

  6. T.I is very right 1000% correct….
    Even us here in South Africa we mourn Pac’s Death and celebrate his life more than any music legend ever lived. Pac in South Africa is almost famous as Nelson Mandela our late statesman…
    T.i you are on point.

  7. I’m indubutabely on Tip’s side. Pac has influence while he passed so many years ago. Even the youth of this generation appreciates his music even though they wasn’t even born yet when he was active in his art.

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