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T.I. Explains Why He Did The Podcast Expeditiously

Expeditiously is the number one podcast, and for T.I. it wasn’t even a well planned decision, as he joined Big Boy TV to explain.

“Sh*t shocked the sh*t out of me. I had no idea, no real desire or intention to do one. I was approached by Podcast One and they said “hey man why don’t you do a podcast here”.

As described by Podcast One, T.I.’s podcast Expeditiously, is bridging the gap and shedding light on important social topics. In a much more authentic, eyebrow-raising dialogue that might make you want to pull out your dictionary…expeditiously.

At first T.I. wasn’t hesitate about making the podcast, but did receive great advice from his own son. “I think then my son said, “yeah maybe now you can stop going back and forth with people on Instagram”, says T.I.

T.I. was all in for making the podcast, but asked himself why? “When I sat down with Peter and the guys over there at Podcast One, they kinda told me, “listen we want to have away to create healthy dialogue. The same things that you address on Instagram, we want to give you more time to speak about this, so it can actually have more impact”.

T.I. Explains Why He Did The Podcast Expeditiously

Thereafter T.I. started writing a list of undiscussed topics that affect the communities. For T.I. its all about teaching the younger generation and spreading the knowledge of how to maneuver in life. “We got kids coming up, and they don’t have a lot of direction, a lot of instruction, a lot of just insight in the situations they would find themselves in.”

Spreading that knowledge to the point where it can help prevent someone from making life ending mistakes, is exactly what T.I. is aiming for. “I always think about it as, If I could talk to a person who is at the point where I was before I got my record deal and tell them ok now own this journey. You gon run into this, you gon run into this and these are the things you need to keep in mind. If I can be that for someone, you dig what I’m saying, and allow them to kind of avoid certain pitfulls.”


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