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T.I. Calls Kendrick Lamar “Most Successful Revolutionary Rapper Alive”

T.I. states that in his opinion Kendrick Lamar is the most successful revolutionary rapper alive in a new interview.

Appearing on Apple Music’s The Ebro Show, T.I. spoke about some of the songs and artists he included on “The Message,” a 25-track playlist that aimed to celebrate Black love. Ebro Darden’s Apple Music series, The Message, continues dialogue about the unrest and inequalities in the US and beyond. The series achieves this by having conversations with some of the strongest voices in Black music today. In addition, the artists also create playlists with songs that inspire them to further the culture of Hip Hop.

Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar (Mark Horton/WireImage)

When asked to talk about Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar, T.I. gave him the biggest compliment. Speaking as a fan of Hip Hop first and foremost, the What You Know rapper stated that the achievements of Kendrick Lamar speak volumes. T.I. said: “Present day, I think he’s probably the most successful revolutionary rapper alive, you dig?” T.I. said “It’s hard to sell. It’s hard to do good business in the revolutionary category, you know what I mean? It’s not easy. Artists like KRS-One, even Common, Mos Def, the Roots usually have to trade commercial success for speaking truth in the revolution. And Kendrick has been the one who has been able to simultaneously achieve both. That’s extremely special. That’s an art within itself.”

T.I., Kendrick Lamar Put Revolutionary Lyrics Into Action

Throughout his career, Kendrick Lamar has propelled the culture of Hip Hop with his revolutionary spirit. The Compton native not only includes lyrics that you don’t see often in the mainstream but he’s extremely successful. Having won 13 Grammy Awards and named one of Time’s most 100 influential people globally, Lamar certainly gives T.I. plenty of evidence for his thinking.

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Later in the show, T.I. spoke about the ongoing worldwide issue of police brutality. Earlier this year, the Atlanta rapper joined protesters in his hometown, fighting for justice for Rayshard Books. He said: “Any human beings, any living species if backed up into a corner, is going to eventually respond with self-defense. If you continue to antagonize, you continue to poke and push. Eventually, you’re going to be some poking and pushing back.”


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