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Suge Knight Blocked Promotion For The Tupac, Outlawz Group Album

In an interview conducted by VLAD TV, Outlawz member E.D.I Mean explains how Suge Knight stopped promotion for the Tupac and Outlawz album ‘Still I Rise’.

An album consisting of Tupac and the Outlawz, was already laid out before Tupac’s passing. “After Makaveli, that was ready to go. It was going to be our debut. We was going to do the album together. Pac specifically said I’ma be a member of the Outlawz,” E.D.I said.

Tupac was ready to complete his three album deal with Death Row records by releasing ‘The Don Killuminati: 7 Day Theory’. On February 1996, Shakur quickly got two thirds of the agreement completed with ‘All Eyez On Me’.


Next up after the 7 Day Theory and Tupac’s debut as his alias Makaveli, was a group album with the Outlawz. “We was already in the process of recording those songs,” E.D.I explained.

Three years after Tupac’s demise the album was finally released. It would take a partnership between three labels to make this happen. Interscope, Death Row Records, and Amaru Entertainment led by Afeni Shakur.

“Afeni with her blessings, kinda just let that be just a little late, of something that was already gonna drop,” E.D.I referring to the Still I Rise album. “We was just a little late.”

The album did very well, as it debuted at number seven on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart. Within two months the album reached platinum status. unfortunately the album only had one single with ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ aka Keep Ya Head Up Part 2. The lack of promotion was a result of Suge Knight.

“That’s the reason why we only had one single,” E.D.I said. “Suge wanted some things and we weren’t in agreement with that. So he was like, ‘I’m shutting it down’.

Although Suge Knight did have a say in the promotion for ‘Still I Rise’, so did Jimmy Iovine. But, at the end Interscope records didn’t put up much of a fight as they did not want to deal with Knight.


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