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Suge J Knight Won't Release "Disrespectful" Eminem Diss Song

Suge J Knight, who just a few days ago was looking for a hot beat, is now pulling back from releasing a diss song aimed at Eminem.

Ever since the rebirth feud between Nick Cannon and Eminem, Suge J Knight let the world know which side he was on. Quickly expressing himself via his official Instagram account, Suge J Knight simply said eminem “sucks”.

Knight posted various Instagram posts that mocked Eminem’s credibility in the streets, Hip Hop, and even the black hat he wears. Suge J Knight also gave credit to his father former Death Row records owner Suge Knight. Implying that without Suge Knight, there wouldn’t be no Dr. Dre and no Eminem.


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After deleting a post of him asking for producers to send a hot beat, Knight eventually deleted the post. He did end up posting a video of him working on the diss song. Captioning the video with, “Eminem is going down. #Suge Track on the way #LegendKilla.”

Once again via his Instagram account, Knight explains why he won’t be releasing what he calls a “so disrespectful” song. Suge J Knight says,”I know the fans want it but sometimes us celebrities have to stay in control of the situation. It was fun tho 🙂.”

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Suge J Knight Won't Release "Disrespectful" Eminem Diss Song


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